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UNIMAX Stationery is the newest and most progressive player on the stationery equipment market from India. We are proud to offer our products to You because we have made sure that only top materials and front-end technologies are used to create UNIMAX pens.
UNIMAX factory is equipped with newest machinery - Fully Automatic Micro Process Control Injection molding machines by Toshiba, foiling, labelling and pad printing machines, extrusion lines, refill filling equipment and fully automatic assembly lines. At the moment this allows us to produce 2 million pens per day. With the expansion of factory and work force this number will double.
All our pens have innovative design and provide exceptional, technologically advanced writing experience thanks to Visco Fluid Ink formula and their ergonomic qualities. All the tips are made from new silver (alpacca) and the balls are made from tungsten carbide which provides a long lasting and precise writing performance on any kinds of paper. All this combined together gives You the new age experience of writing. Each one of UNIMAX pens is passing a high standard quality check. This includes testing each pen by hand to minimize the risk of defective products.



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Our core values are quality, innovation, honesty and respect. We strongly believe in these standards and ensure all our pens are made and delivered to customers with them in mind.
Our moto is “The New Age Writing” which represents our commitment to most modern technologies and the step forward UNIMAX brand has taken in the production of writing instruments.


UNIMAX products are available in 76 countries all over the world. With a network of trustworthy and professional partners we are making sure that You have the opportunity to access our world class writing instruments.


We are very excited about our products and can’t wait to share this experience with you!
Choosing UNIMAX pens You are choosing top-most quality, front-end design at an affordable price!

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